Campsite Reviews

A while back I was determined to run campsite reviews on my personal web page. I part to ‘vent’ about a couple of the crappy sites we went to when we first started camping and in part to share the information with some folks about really good sites. Never really went anywhere with it so I thought I’d give it a go in my blog. I’ll start with an easy one.

Jasper National Park (Whistler Campsite)

The 'iconic' image of Jasper National Park

The 'iconic' image of Jasper National Park

Jasper is one of our favourite place to camp, great scenery, lots of wildlife and the town and campsite staff are great. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this place. Whistler is the largest of several campsites operated by Parks Canada in and around the Jasper townsite. This site features full hook-ups, drive-thorugh sites and lots of extras. Showers and bathrooms are clean and well maintained, the campsite itself is well maintained. For the most part the sites are large and very roomy for all but the biggest motor homes. The only knock is that most of them do not have fire pits; open fires are restricted to tenting sites and a few power sites. According to the guy we talked to about it – the campfires were affecting the air quality in the town site so they had to cut back.

The sites are reasonably spaced out so you have a bit of distance between you and your neighbors. The trees can be sparse between sites in some locations so you might have to request a specific site if you value your privacy.

There is a tons of stuff to do and see around Jasper. Lots of ‘tour’ companies offer wildlife tours, rail tours, river tours, well… just about every kind of tour you can think of. Jasper feature some really great restaurants ranging from fast-food and family dining to some very cool high-end cuisine. My recommendation: The Bear Paw for breakfast (best ‘bennies’ in the Rockies), Jasper Pizza for lunch and top it off with dinner at Something Else. We’ve also really enjoyed Evil Dave’s, Papa George’s, La Feista and Denjiro.

The campsite accepts reservation through the Parks Canada web site ( which is great and easy to use. Book early in the season as the campground fills up very quickly (especially on long weekends).

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


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