Time Marches On 11/365

Time Marches On 11/365

Originally uploaded by Steve Allison

Now I know why I don’t like self-potraits – I look old. Actually let me correct that – I look older than I think I am. Seems like I my head I don’t think I’ve changed much in the last 20 year but then I look at photographs of me and yeah I’ve changed a hell of a lot. I guess for me that’s what make photographs. They are window into a different time in you life, a snapsot of the past if you will and a reminder that for all of us time does march on.


2 thoughts on “Time Marches On 11/365

  1. Kelly says:

    Yah know – yer rght about looking older than we think. But this is an awesome shot and just makes you look…idk…professional in a stylish sort of way. Also a little like Alan Alda. Anyways, I like it!


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