Hockey Night In Edmonton

Tis the season. The smell of old hockey equipment – the frantic rush to sharpen the old blades at the last minute and the inevitablity of decided which peice of equipment needs replacing. It is a time of year my wife dreads. Well not really, she is generally a pretty good sport about this stuff but it does tick her off that at least twice a week I am out and unavailable.

Game 1 – Killer Instinct 8 C-Bros Bulldogs 4

Nothing feels better than opening the season with a big win. The game was pretty close until we pulled away in the second. I think we should have some good games against these guys. They won division five last year so they moved up. Penalties were pretty good, only a couple for both side. Predicatably I let in a couple of ‘softies’ at the start but was solid through the last two frame. Next up the Molson Beerbelly on Sat.