Photo Contests

Well, its been a damn long while since I’ve blogged. I don’t  think I’ll bore you with why I haven’t been doing it. Getting straight to the point – this one’s about photo contests; both from an entrant and judges perspective.

We recently started a ‘photo club’ at my workplace. The idea was to gather submissions, pick the best and the hang those prints around the office. Seems simple enough.

I submitted 5 shots – for the record I am very flattered that four of my shots were chosen and three of them in the top five. There were some really good shots submitted; some not so much. But all-in-all a good batch of winners. I found the judging a bit funny – I’ve always been a fairly harsh critic of my work. Part of it comes from having good gear – I spent a fortune on equipment surely to god I should be able to manage some good shots. Wow – wrong thinking there.

But nevertheless it did sort of ‘cloud’ my judgement; both ways in fact. I was more likely to award more points to a photo taken with a P&S camera than a DSLR. Strangly enough in my mind having ‘inferior’ (take no offense you point and shooters out there) equipment and producing a great shot makes you a better photographer. Meh…

It worked out like this pick your top ten; first five, no problem five standouts were easy to find. Next three also fairly easy – although this is where my biases kicked in. Last two – well I’m not sure I did a very good job on this one.

So what’s my point to all this. Simple – if you are ever in a position to judge a photo do so understanding your biases and award points on merit alone. Belive me, its way more challenging than you think.