Summer In Edmonton

Well, what couldn’t we rant about: late may snow, idotically high gas prices, etc…

But at the end of the day I really love it here. The thing I like best in the evenings, the temperature cools down, the light softens and you can hear the sounds of summer. Yeah – sound. In the winter its mighty quiet around here – too damn cold to be out and about, but in the summer folks are out walking their dogs, playing with their kids, mowing the lawn. I never realised how powerfully connected these sound are to summer.

I was in the garage the other night banging together some shelving for Shannon’s closed files; when I paused for a moment and listened. It was a nice warm evening and I could hear a neighbor mowing, a couple jogging. a motorcycle roaring down the trail off in the distance. As I paused I realised that summer had finally arrived – and we’ve waited for it for a long time this year. So after a few false starts, welcome! I for one am really glad you’re here.