What’s wrong with this picture?

Joe's Tree

Well, really nothing that I can see – I actually really like this shot. The real point of this entry was talk a bit about amateur photogs (like me) and what I do wrong. Well actually I just want to vent about what a did wrong (a couple of times) this weekend.

1. Double-check your bag when going out on a photo shot. As it turns out I hauled around a tripod all day in 31C just to find out I didn’t have a mounting plate for my camera. After all it was only the sunset shot we all went out there to get. Oh well, got some good stuff anyways.

2. Check the damn settings on you camera. This has happened countless times to me and I really have to stop doing it. Usually when I’m rushing a shot (say Bison running through the trees) I just grab the camera and shoot. Ooops, look still set from last nights evening shoot. Look there goes the white bison running through the white trees into the sun. Drat.

3. Composition, compostition, composition. I am more likely to just take a bunch of shots and pick one out later. I’ll call this digitally-induced laziness. It seems to be one of the big pitfalls/advantages of digital camera -= I mean you can take a ton of shots and pick out the best – this is a good thing right? Well yes and no. At the end of the day you are only playing the law of averages; take 100 shots hopefully 1 turns out. Why spend all that time trying to be a better photographer – happily fire away ! Something good bound to happen.

Since I forgot my plate – and everyone else was setting up tripods and such – it gave me a chance to do some ‘basic’ (read very basic) location scouting. It was good; I had Joe to remind me to get a foreground subject and I forced myself to do some thinking. As a result I wound up with about 24 good shots and got to pick the best few of those.

Slow down and think about it – that’s my new motto.