Online Photography Community

Interestingly enough I have not really been part of the online photo community until recently. Strange indeed considering my computer geek status, but none the less the result have been generally good. Met a lot of good people over at the Edmonton Flicrkmeets group and got some really good advice from some other groups. More on this later.

One of the things that happen is that my Flickr contacts pointed me at some other web resources that have been uselful in making my photography better (leastwise I think so). One of them is DPS (Digital Photography School) they have some great tutorials and information. As well one of the neat things (I am the only one who uses that word anymore) is the assignement. Basically they give you a photo assignment, you go off and shoot – then submit. Sounds cool – here is my first attempt.


The assignment was called “Ten Minutes From Home” and challenged you to walk, run, bike, drive – ten minutes (exactly mind you) from your home and then shoot whatever was there.