Long Weekend Traffic

What the hell is with drivers in Alberta – I saw more stupid things happening on the highway driving home from Jasper than all the stupidity I’ve seen comuting to work so far this year!

Especially in the park – for god sake we are privilged to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world but people insist on speeding through it. OK – its very simple the speed limit in the park is 90 kph – yes that’s a full 20 kph below the limit on double lane highways. So what! Are you in a rush to get back to work or something?

I lost track of how many near collisions we saw and I heard on the radio at least five people got killed this weekend. Just as we neared home we cam across a rollover accident – sure enough this was some guy that went whipping by us an hour ago. Look – I’m not one to preach and have the speeding tickets to prove I shouldn’t be throwing bricks but…

I was always in control of my vehicle – I never tried to pass against a solid yellow, uphill, into a blind corner or on the outside shoulder. This isn’t just speeding – its sheer stupidity. Do us all a favour and just crash your car into you own house right before you leave. At least that way the rest of us will be safer in the road.